All-American Lancers



The LCHS Marching Lancers certainly have something to be proud of: In addition to another stellar season, the band has had back-to-back years where one of their own has earned a spot on the U.S. Army All-American Marching Band.


James Miller

LCHS Class of 2018
Marching Lancer Color Guard
US Army All-American Marching Band 2018
Michigan State University


On being a Marching Lancer:

“It was a lot of hard work but it was definitely worth it. You spend literally hundreds of hours with a group of strangers and by the end they really are your family.”

On the All-American Experience:

“I don’t really get nervous, I get excited, especially for All-American. We worked so hard and we go out there once; after that you are done. I remember we were so proud of what we did, and we hadn’t even done it yet. It was probably the most fun show I’ve ever marched!”


Payton White

LCHS Class of 2017
Marching Lancer Color Guard
US Army All-American Marching Band 2017
University of Michigan

On being a Marching Lancer:

“Being a Marching Lancer pretty much shaped who I am and it actually prepared me for college. The expectation and the commitment, really prepares you for the future and you don’t really realize it until you get there.”

On the All-American experience:

“After we finished performing we all went to the back and we all gave each other hugs. I literally cried so hard afterwards, I cried my eyelashes off because I really got to know all those people in that one week and it was just so amazing!”


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