TV & Broadcast Media Profile: Jacob Ashba

Michael Kaufman

Michael Kaufman

Jacob Ashba


MICHAEL KAUFMAN: Jacob, how long have you been making videos?

JACOB ASHBA: I’ve been doing videos for about two years now, I started on YouTube and now I’m taking a class for it.


Tell me how the class has had an impact on your world, especially when it comes to videos that have had a wider impact on the community.

TV Broadcast Media has definitely changed how I make videos. The most important aspect of that is just how many opportunities it gives me. Without this class I wouldn’t have even been able to make the MFG (Manufacturing) Day video. I would still be making videos just for myself. So this class has given me all of the tools I need and all of the opportunities I’ve needed to be successful.


So talk about the PSA’s you’ve created recently, because most people just create one PSA. How many did you make and why’d you choose so many, what was your motivation?

PSA’s produced by Jacob Ashba

I’ve made around six PSA’s now, for mostly the Courageous Persuaders competition but for other ones too. And I made so many just because I wanted to try out a bunch of different things and that ties into how I make videos for the community. When I make videos that I want to have [an] impact on people I really think about who I’m making them for. For example, the Courageous Persuaders PSA I was aiming towards middle schoolers, so I would use more of a comedy approach, whereas the Meijer PSA wanted a more serious, straightforward effect.


MFG Day video won. And you did a lot of work on what we will call the fine cut edits. So you received a rough cut edit and then we had to really tweak it. Describe your process a little bit, the MFG Day video, once you got that edit. What did you do?

When I saw the rough cut of the MFG Day video I made sure I watched it at least five times before I even did anything to it, so I could really hone in on what I needed to change and what needed to be lifted up in quality.


Award-winning promotional video for Manufacturing Day produced by Jacob Ashba, Lauren Bayless, Angel Delich & Jack Braithwaite

The video itself was very good on its own, but there were many things that I felt could have been better, things that most people don’t even notice unless they think about it but subconsciously it really affects how you view the video. So a lot of fine-tuning and tweaking goes into how you view the video rather than what’s up close and personal.


I think your writing was pretty exceptional, especially in the introduction. How did you figure out what to write and how’d you feel about the process being viewed by a lot of people?

I wasn’t that fazed by the fact that it was gonna be viewed by a lot of people. I’ve been performing for many years, so the fact that I’m putting it out to an audience doesn’t affect me that much. But when I was originally writing the script, I was really putting myself in the shoes of how I wanted this to sound, so when I’m writing for a 1920’s, 40’s, old-timey sound, I was really thinking about what word sounded good with what phrases and what voice, so the way I wrote it was really hand-in-hand with how I read the script.


So you’d say your Performing Arts classes have really benefited you in this way, going hand in hand with this class, plus your English class.

Yeah, the TV Broadcast class has really come hand in hand with my other art such as music and acting. I’ve been in band and choir and drama club and this ties everything together with just how each class really operates.


I think your video for Legally Blonde [school musical] was outstanding. Do you think having this class along with your work in Legally Blonde led to a stronger product?

I made a Beauty and the Beast video for last year’s musical, but for this year I felt a lot more confident with how to conduct interviews and the equipment I used, and I’ve grown a lot as an editor and a [videographer] since last year so this has definitely helped me with that and given me more experience that I need to make good content.

Legally Blonde promotional video produced by Jacob Ashba


Anything else you’d like to add?

The TV Broadcast Media class has given me every chance that I’ve needed to put content out to the community that can help them for the greater good. Without this class I would not have any of the opportunities that I have now, and I would not be making any of the content that I have now. So this class in general has just really given me the confidence I needed to put myself out into the community and try to change something for the greater good.


Jacob Ashba is a senior at L’Anse Creuse High School in Harrison Township.